—Adthea: Goddess of the Moon, compassion, Mercy, Motherhood, fertility, and Creator of Elves. Her symbol is a crescent Moon. Her Domains include Light, Peace, Life

Dakoram: Consort of Adthea, Keeper of the night sky, God of Justice and Wisdom. His symbol is a starry crown. His domain s include light, knowledge, Protection.

Rueissa: Goddess of Love, Beauty, Music, and Magic. Daughter of Adthea and Dakoram. Her domains are love, Arcana, and Peace.

Quomnif: God of War, Archery, Adventure, the Sun, Beast Taming. Consort of Rueissa. Domains: War, Light, Nature, Fire.

Ketzal: The Sun Serpent, titan of the Sun, god of drought, fire, heat, and deserts. Once the preeminent god and protector of humanity, Ketzal manifested himself on earth and challenged the might of the Aboleths. The combined power of the Aboleths eventually overwhelmed him and drove him mad. Now little more than a raging beast, Ketzal became a threat to all life until hew was eventually conquered and tamed by the hero-god Quomnif. Domain Fire, Light.

Kibni: God of Wine, Poetry, and Revelry. Son of Pale. Domain: Luck,
Felyse: Goddess of Luck and Fortune. Daughter Kibni and Karma. Domain Luck

Pale: God of Kindness, Death, Protection of the Dead, Runes, The Future, Son of Adthea and Dakoram Domain: Grave,

Ronye: God of Bounty, Agriculture, Perseverance, Fertility. Domain: Life, Nature

Lloth: Spider Queen, Goddess of plots and conspiracy, embodiment of envy. Queen of the Drow.

Dynam: God of Slaughter, Murder, and Calamity.

Triton: Ruler of the Oceans. Domain: Ocean, Tempest

Gaia: Soul of the Earth. Domain: Nature, Life

Tamar: Goddess of Wind, Seasons, and Storms Domain :Tempest, Nature,

Grummish: God of Wrath, Retribution, Curses, Liberator of Orcs. Domains: War,

Ashtar: Shape shifting God/Goddess of Lust, seduction, perversion

Torobus: Demon God of sloth, rot, decay, apathy

Ohzoz: God of Pride and Dominance

Gordonil: Demon God of hunger, gluttony, and the void

Kent: God of Knowledge, learning, and Magic

:Grovsmed: All-Father, The Blacksmith, Creator of Dwarves, God of Crafting and Fire

Kjarmor: Hearth, Clan, Family, Tradition, Law, Loyalty, Duty, Honor

Haader: War, Discipline, Battle

Byrnhild: Battlejoy, Skalds, and courage

Ekchow: Merchants, trade, haggling, the well struck deal.

Barlong: Mining, Caverns, and Architecture

Fafnir: Dragon god of Greed, Plunder, ill-gotten wealth.

Adion :Guardian of Travelers, Explorers, Redeemer of Lost

Airmed: Goddess of Health, medicine, and Healing

The LAughing God, King of Many Names:God of Gnomes, Gems, Illusion, color, mirth, trickery.

Kurtulmak: demigod of Kobolds, traps, ambushes

Fredigar Fallowhide:Hero God of stealth, social justice, freedom, patron of filchers,

The Black Hound, Judge and guide of the dead.

Karma: Greater Goddess of reincarnation Domain : none

Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War. Forge, Grave, Protection, Arcana (un)Death, Fire, Love, Ocean, Travel, Peace, Luck.


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